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Art Direction

NetJets Fleet Art Direction

User experience in a different mode.

With 12 different jets available and more than 700 in their overall fleet, NetJets owner's private aviation experience had become greatly weakened through distinctly inconsistent application of their livery, interior touch points and overall branding. 

Through collaboration with OEM’s such as Bombardier, Embraer, and Cessna these areas were reevaluated inside and out. 

Touch points included new interior materials, custom-branded FAA compliant typography for the tail numbers, and livery redrawn custom to the plane in each fleet — but consistent across all. 

NetJets Aviation
Tools Used
Art Direction, Lead Designer

Livery was redrawn — by hand — on each of the 12 fleets for ultimate consistency.

A full set of FAA compliant custom tail numbers was created. 

With the consistent livery applied,  I provided art direction for creation of 360º 3-D models for usage, brand-wide.

Working with OEM's, interior touches from custom wool carpet to veneers and leathers were sourced.


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